Stem cells are a group of multipotent cells with the self-renewal ability. In certain conditions, they can differentiate into many functional cells, which have the potential to regenerate tissues and organs and even the human body. Stem cell technologies, or regenerative medicine technologies, are the most prosperous and fast developing in the biotechnology field.

Stem cell and regenerative medicine industry is one of the most prosperous and fast developing industries in China and in the world. Promoting the development of this industry has important and realistic effects on human health.

The translational research platform co-established by Guanhao Biotech and Peking University will get together word leading technologies, first class experts, and industrial capitals. The platform includes a hospital-a clinical medicine center with lab facilities; an autologous cell clinical application demonstration platform, the according GMP standards and the clinical verification system.

We have the intellectual support from  mang universities. We established a patent pool of stem cell and regenerative medicine industry; introduced world-wide stem cell translational technologies and carried on unified management and operation;  Based on the advantages of the platform, we would collaborate with global partners, face the market, apply cutting-edge technologies on tricky diseases and bring benefits on patents’ health.


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