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Regenerative medical implants National Engineering Laboratory has a strong R & D team, in the famous professor Cui Fuzhai experts under the leadership of biological materials, combined with domestic famous universities and clinical institutions, was carried out to study the compatibility of the materials of regenerative medicine, regenerative medicine materials, materials and evaluation of immune cells, stem cells combining technology. Has carried out 8 PI projects:

With China institutes for food and drug control cooperation "animal derived biomaterials immunogenicity detection and evaluation technology research"

In cooperation with the Peking University "based on animal derived stromal support tissue regeneration mechanism of a material and new technology research"

The Guan Hao biological cooperation with Clemson University American "regeneration type medical implants industrial engineering technology research and product development"

Bionic peripheral nerve regeneration micro environment to construct the cooperation with the Tsinghua University, "and the development of regenerative nerve conduit"

The "in cooperation with the Peking University's animal source of our regeneration type medical implant devices industry research"

The establishment of PRV virus inactivation process validation of new evaluation method of the cooperation with the Jinan University, "the"

Immunology of xenogeneic bone intervertebral fusion device, and Genenral Hospital of PLA Guangzhou Military Area cooperation "on nerve tissue surrounding the spinal effects"

Research of a new biomaterial induced tissue regeneration mechanism of chronic wound the role of cooperation with the Armed Police General Hospital ""

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