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The National Engineering Laboratory is one part of a systematic project to rejuvenate China through science and technology by implementing the "National Medium and Long Term Science and Technology Plan," the "People"s Republic of China National Economy and Society Developed 11th Five Year Plan Summary" and the "11th Five-Year Plan for Construction Independent Innovation Ability." China is planning to set up 100 national engineering laboratories, only one laboratory in each specific scientific field nationwide, as technology innovation centers, breakthrough centers for technologies recognized globally as critical for the future, high technology talent centers, and centers for promoting the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. In July 2008 at China"s Second Bioindustry convention, Guanhao Biotech Co., Ltd. won from China"s National Development and Reform Commission a prestigious award for its "National Engineering Laboratory for Regenerative Medical Implantable Devices." Guanhao received the highest award grade because of its" international advanced technology, powerful R&D capabilities, strong management team, excellent technology achievements, and innovative operational approach.

Guanhao has purchased more than 30,000 square meters in Guangzhou Science Park to construct the building that will house the National Engineering Laboratory. In addition to the technology and product departments composed of four research centers and four basic laboratories, the building will include a commercialization department to make practical use of the laboratory’s scientific and technological achievements, a department to promote technology exchange and cooperation globally, and a state-of-the-art technology platform to drive regenerative breakthroughs. A facility for properties testing and animal experiments as well as workspaces for participants in doctoral and postdoctoral programs to foster the development of regenerative medicine experts will also be built in the near future.

Guanhao’s “National Engineering Laboratory for Regenerative Medical Implantable Devices” will be develop as a technology innovation center, a high technology talent center, and a center for promoting the commercialization of scientific and technological , and it will definitely make significant contribution to the progress of the regenerative medicine industry in China.



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