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Type B Dura Matrix is sourced from animal tissue. The materials are processed by sterilization and tissue engineering methods. The products are high-tech achievements come from regenerative medicine to clinical use. The matrix has similar tensile strength as dura, while it can sustain various tractive strain during suture with its good elasticity, flexibility and compactness. Grandhope’s product is an ideal, effective and safe artificial dura patch for dura repairing, which is acknowledged by many clinicians.
GrandNeuroTM ’s Advantage
Good Biocompatibility
Good Mechanical Conformability
Induction of Tissue Regeneration
Regeneration and degradation synchronously
Easy to suture
Clinical Application:
GrandNeuro started to be used and got good reputation in clinical applications from 2012.
Dural defect
Brain Tumor
Cerebral hemorrhage
acute intracranial hypertension
Subdural hematoma
Other indications need artificial dura
The product is in double layer package. The inner package is sterilized and need to avoid contamination strictly. Examine both sides of the patch carefully. Implant the smoother surface to the brain tissue, the rough surface to the out side. Then suture the patch onto dura defects by regular methods.
The product could be any square or rectangle with area between the minimum (NB0203) to the maximum (NB0812), base on clinical application need, the width could be between 20mm to 80mm with step of 5mm, and the length could be between 30mm to 120mm with step of 5mm. And, The product also could be any round with area between the minimum (NBφ1.5) to the maximum (NBφ4.0), base on clinical application need, the diameter could be between 15mm to 40mm with step of 5mm.

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